• Todd D. Severin, M.D. • Sanford L. Severin, M.D.
Janie Evans, O.D. - "I am an optometrist with over fourteen years in practice in the Albany/Berkeley area, and I have been nearsighted all my life, having worn glasses since the second grade. My LASIK eye correction was performed by Dr. Severin over a year ago, and I would like to share the results with you.

You may want to know why I considered LASIK. As an optometrist intensely involved in helping to develop the most advanced care of refractive disorders and in co-management of laser correction. I had examined post-LASIK patients with previous correction much greater than my own. I had begun to appreciate the excellent outcomes, the minimal side effects, and the change in people's lives. The improvement over the older Radial Keratotomy (RK) procedure was striking.

As I observed, the post-procedure care revealed excellent results with relatively quick healing and few side effects. I have observed no one with a poor visual outcome from the surgeons with whom I work.

My own life is different now in that so many activities go much more smoothly, and the quality of my life experiences is greatly enhanced. I can see well all the time and the quality of my vision is so much better than with glasses or contact lenses with all their disadvantages. If you have a high prescription, I don't need to tell you all the activities that are so much less a problem for me now, such as showering, driving at night, swimming, snorkeling, and waking up in the night just to name a few."
"The world looks much clearer and brighter than ever before. As a skin care and color cosmetic consultant, it is a joy to be able to see, to put on eye make-up, and to show off my eyes"
Stephanie Arrich
" Prior to surgery, I was very anxious. Dr. Severin and his staff were very thorough before and during the surgery telling me exactly what to expect. This made things go very smooth and made me less anxious.

I really did not have any negative side effects. The whole experience was wonderful and I'm glad I did it and especially glad Dr. Severin performed the procedure.
Beverly Thomas
"The results of this procedure have been fantastic!"
" Swimming, reading, golf, tennis - now I can do it all with glasses or contacts."
" You won't believe how easy and fast this happens."
Larry Florio
Florence Deloso - "Before Lasik, I was 12 diopters, ...(and) am now 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. What a HUGE difference a few seconds made - I can see what time it is, ... put on and take off makeup, etc...without reaching for my glasses or putting on my contact lenses...It's the many little things that are still so exciting to me...Doctor Severin and his staff were very professional and personable...they made me feel very comfotable and attended to my every need."
"I never realized how much time and money I was spending on contacts and eye care products until now that I no longer need them."
Norma M. Kropelnicki
Jaime de Beers - "I don't know how to put in words how right it feels without glasses or contacts and how easy it is to suddenly realize, no more packing solutions, extra glasses, etc., to wear my hair back completely off of my face and not feel like an owl peering out at the world, to see the leaves on the trees first thing in the morning and the shingles of the roof next door, to wake up in the middle of the night and not trip over anything (like the cat) on my way to the bathroom, to snuggle up with someone in bed and see my toes next to theirs, to paint my toenails and actually paint just the nails, to reach for the right bottle (shampoo vs. conditioner) in a hotel shower because I can actually read the bottle, to fall asleep watching TV because I don't have to worry about rolling over on my glasses, to put on a motorcycle helmet without embedding the ear piece of my glasses to the side of my head, not to have dry eyes and to read and look up at the same time and see everything!

I can go on and on as you can tell, but I read those other testimonials and they seem so mature and important - mine are all the little things that I think are just important to me..."
Sarah Kim - "As a third year law student, reading and studying for long periods of time caused my eyes to feel dry and irritated with contact lenses. Since my LASIK procedure, I enjoy a new sense of freedom. Now I see the world without any obstruction. Activities like swimming, traveling, skiing, etc. are so much more enjoyable. Today, I confidently live life, exploring the world through perfected vision."

Johnnie K. Tsui - "This program changed my life 100%. The entire procedure took less than a few minutes and costs less than an luxurious vacation. I did not need to think twice before making this decision. The benefits started the minute I walked out of the surgery. I am more confident now than over the past 30 years when I had to wear my glasses."
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